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While using a modem there are few issues which a user faces which could be sometime frustrating. We are going to provide you some modem support tips and techniques with Modem Support number.

Windows isn’t recognising my computer:

Check if the modem is installed correctly

Open Device Manager in Control Panel. It shall ask for the administrator password then do enter it and provide confirmation.

If your modem is not listed in device manager then it means that the modem is not recognised by your system, you are required to install a compatible driver for your modem. for any kinds of help Modem Technical Support number.

Having trouble in installing the modem in your windows:

If you are unable to install modem in your system then it may be due to the windows in your system. In order to check whether the window is supporting your system, you are required to visit the website of the version of windows installed on your system. There you will get the information to troubleshoot the issue with Modem Support number.

Plugged modem into phone line but not able to dial a number:

Check if the modem is connected to analog phone line which standard phone line generally does. Large organisation comes with digital phone line so, in order to use a dial up connection you are required to have a analog phone line for the internet connection

Modem connected to an analog phone line but still not connecting:

Check if your dialing options are set correctly. System needs this information to dial a number from your location and phone system.

Connected to an analog phone line, checked the dialling option but still facing problem:

Check for driver updates on windows.

If unable to find there then go to the modem provider website and look for the driver update.

Go to the device manager option in control panel, select properties of modem by doing right click on the modem. Compare the driver number with the new version of driver if they are different then download it but if they are same then the problem isn’t with the driver fo rnay help dial Modem Technical Support number.

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