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A Guide TO to The Products and Services by the ASUS Company

AsusTek inc is basically the very famous Taiwanese company that deals in the computer and phone hardware as well as the electronics products.It is the responsible product of the number of products such as the desktops, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, networking equipments etc.

This company is highly admired since it is world’s fourth largest PC vendor by the year 2015.It is highly reputed company and hence it is ranked 1st in the IT hardware category of 2008 as well as it also comes in the top 10 global brands having revenue of around 1.3 billion dollar.

Talking about the various products as well as the services.It produces and maintains a number of products such as the Smartphones. This company has launched a number if android based smart phones that has got two sim slots.So it has got a successful mobile market in India, china as well as other Asian countries.These smartphones are also known by the names of the zenfone series.
Tablets by asus company are also famous. Asus is basically known for producing the successor of the google Nexus 7.This company is also working with the top company i.e Microsoft in order to develop a windows 8 convertible tablets.It has also revealed its android based tablet back in 2013. The company is well known for dealing in the production and the maintenance of the servers such as GPU rack server, 2-way server, 1-way server, 2- way tower server etc.

The Routers by this company are well known among the users, they provide the users with the high class customer experience by Asus Router Support Number with the speedy internet connection.The series of the routers by this company are usually ship with the broadcom chipsets along with the faster processors and that too more memory than the average routers.They has also got the removable antennas as well as the Usb ports for the purpose of expansion.

While using the router by this company the users may feel a number if technical glitches dial Asus Router Support Number, considering this thing in the mind the company has tried to provide the best help to the users in the form of the Asus router support.So just in case user wants to seek the guidance of any kind then they can simply reach by Asus Router Support Number the experts from the company.There the answers to all the form of query can be easy availed in few minutes.

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