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Want to get rid of technical issues with Outlook? Read on to fix such issues

Outlook is best in the business when it comes to emailing services as well as calendar service. The robust Outlook app is works perfectly with android and iOS devices. Users can easily create aliases, pin important contacts, un-subscribe a particular contact or a newsletter so that they don’t get unnecessary emails. The chat feature is easy to use and have interactive emoticons which makes the conversations even more fun. But Outlook email can get riddled with technical issues which users may not be able to troubleshoot themselves. To get information and precise solutions for all sorts of issues with Outlook the best way is to take assistance from the technical support team of Outlook. Users might face issues with loading attachments from the email, or with sending or receiving email from specific addresses.  This is where the diligent tech support team of Outlook will come into picture as their technicians know the nitty-gritty of emailing service to come up with clinical solutions.

Following is a list of technical issues which can be resolved easily by calling at Outlook customer service  

  • Users while logging in, gets the Invalid password or username error
  • File attachment issues(PDF, doc, Jpeg files are not getting attached to the composed messages).
  • Users can’t download the attachments.
  • Password recovery code is not sent via sms.
  • The Outlook account security issues.
  • Emails from specific addresses are not received.
  • Messages not getting sent to specific email accounts.
  • The junk or spam mails filter is not working properly. (too many spam mails in inbox)
  • Contacts of email accounts like Gmail, Hotmail  are not getting synced to Outlook.
  • The account is not getting synced on android and ios device.

Following is the solution for the password recovery issue as provided by Outlook customer service.

  • The first thing to do is to visit the homepage of Outlook and click on the Sign in link.  
  • Below the logon box, click on can’t access your email account link.
  • A password recovery page will be displayed on which Users must click to select I have forgotten my password option. 
  • The present Outlook email id must be given along with the special characters for verification purpose.
  • The password will be recovered by getting the password recovery code. For that users have to choose the mode by which users want to receive the code.
  • They can either choose the sms method or can choose the email method to get the code. Once the code is received by the users, that code must be typed in the given field.
  •  A password reset window will be displayed. Users then just have to type the new password and retype it to confirm.  

Outlook Customer Service Phone Number


The above mentioned issues need perfect solutions as given above. The only way to get such perfect solutions is to call at Outlook customer service Phone Number.  The seamless remote technical assistance which they provide is one of its kinds as it is very extremely pocket friendly. To add to this, Outlook customer service have a dedicated bunch of certified technicians who work round the clock and take up all kind of issues with the email account, bothering the users. They have a very clinical approach and make use of precise troubleshooting methods to get to the root cause of problems. The best part is that users can discuss their queries over a phone call any time of the day as their diligent technicians work round the clock. However, there may be times when users are not able to contact Outlook customer service via a phone call. In such a scenario, users have the option to discuss queries on the online forum or send them via email.

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