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Pitney Bowes Printers – Covering all your printing needs

When it comes to state of the art printers, the first name that comes to mind is Pitney Bowes. It is your one stop destination for all the exquisite accessories for printers. Whatever may be your printing need, Pitney Bowes covers it all.

Be it inkjet, document, or envelope printers, PB offers you high speed printers that won’t be too heavy on your pockets, and are compatible with a wide range of fonts, thereby adding splendid quality to texts and images. To add to your delight, Pitney Bowes Printer customer service team comprises of an intelligent bunch of people who work out of their skins to resolve any sort of hardware issue with your printer.

What are the common troubles that a printer user might face?

Poor print Quality – If you are not making sufficient use of your printer, then the cartridge ink dries out and clogs the nozzle in your print head. To the contrary, if your use your printer day in and day out, then it can lead to deterioration of the printer’s hardware which may lead to improper printing.

To stay away from such a situation, you must clean the print head of your printer and run the maintenance function on your printer.

Absolutely no print – This might happen when the ink cartridges have absolutely dried up. When the cartridge ink is extremely low, the amber LED light stars glowing signaling that it’s time for a cartridge replacement. It must be noted that, before replacing the cartridge, gently shake the new cartridge for getting better prints.

Bad print quality even after replacing cartridge- In such a case, check whether the insulating tape covering the ink holes has been taken off or not. It might be the case that you have inserted a spent cartridge. You can check this by weighing the cartridge. A brand new cartridge weighs around 1.7 – 1.9 ounce.

For more information, contact Pitney Bowes printer customer service.

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