Outlook Troubleshooting Steps

Get all steps to Troubleshoot Outlook Email

It is to be largely remembered that just before you successfully begin troubleshooting, do make sure are connected to the internet. In case, you can’t send or get e-mails, then just go to method 1 in order to create a new email profile. Here are the Outlook Troubleshooting steps for outlook will guide you to immediately move with a solution for issues. On the other hand, in case, you can’t connect to the internet then this might be the actual reason that you aren’t able to sent or get emails. In that situation, you need to contact your ISP. Make sure your Internet connection is immediately restored; then try to mail yourself an e-mail in order to check whether your issue is resolved. In certain condition, if you are still face problems to send or get e-mails after your Internet connection is successfully restored and then venture to method 1.

Method 1: Just create a new e-mail profile

Successfully open the Mail Setup dialog box

Press Start, press Run, type Control in the Open box, and then press OK.

Outlook Troubleshooting Steps depending largely on the version of Windows running on your system, do just one of the following:

Windows XP:

  • In the Category View, Press User Accounts, and then press Mail.
  • In the Category View, double-click Mail.


Windows Vista:

  • Press User accounts, and then press Mail.
  • The Mail Setup dialog box opens.


Initially Start the New Profile wizard

  • Press Show Profiles.
  • Press Add to begin the New Profile wizard.


Do create a profile

  • In the Profile related Name box, just type Test, plus then press OK to name the new e-mail profile.
  • Do follow the appropriate steps for your version of Outlook:


Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

  • Press to select the configure server manually for settings check box.
  • Press Next.
  • On the select Service page, press Internet E-mail.
  • Press Next.
  • In the Internet E-mail Settings dialog box, fill in the boxes. Do make ensure that the Account Type setting is largely set to POP3.


It is to be noted that enter the details and other relevant information

  • from your e-mail administrator in the Incoming mail server box
  • from your ISP or
  • In the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) box.
  • Press Next, strictly follow the prompts in order to finish setting up your account
  • Then Press Finish.


Your new profile is created.

It is to be noted that Outlook troubleshooting steps are so simple and easy to follow in a strict manner for solving major or minor issues. Outlook customer service assists you in your needs and requirements. In case of facing any difficulties our team is ready to assist you in your issues of any nature. Under any situations, circumstances and conditions, you must never panic because any issues can be solved with certain steps in a successful manner with a lot of perfection. There isn’t any major and minor issue that can’t be solved. Some issues may take more steps or just few steps only.

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