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Kickbox Emails –The Most Secured & Verified Emails

Kickbox is the best medium of sending emails which ensures that you are sending emails to genuine users. It helps you separating low quality addresses from high value contacts. Thus sending and receiving emails guarantees you interaction with real time users and eliminating the duplicating or fake emails.

Kickbox emails saves your valuable time and money and also secures your identity and reputation. Kickbox application removes old, invalid and low quality email addresses from your mailing list and also prevents fake, misspelled or throw-away email addresses. For more assistance you can contact to Kickbox email customer service.

Some of the Features of Kickbox Emails are Listed Below:

  • Email List Verification validates and verifies your email list.
  • By using Real Time API, you can verify your email address within application.
  • The Sendex Score determines the quality of your email addresses.
  • Verification Analytics provides you the detailed breakdown of your verifications.


Issues and solution of those issues using Kickbox are:

Incorrect Username or Password:You receive a popup saying ‘Enter network password’

Solution: Use your email address for your username (like ). Now test your username and password in webmail at Replace with your own domain. Reset your email password now and issue will be resolved.

Server Not FoundYou are receiving the message server not found

Solution: Your DNS change may not have propagated yet if the email address is at a new domain. It takes 24-48 hours to propagate. We are recommending you to switch back to your domain once DNS change has propagated. And meanwhile you can use your IP address.

Can’t send or Receive mailYou cannot send or receive message

Solution: Check the email settings properly to see whether the email sending or receiving option is switch of or on. Makes sure it is switch on.

Although if you are facing any issue using the Kickbox emails and you are unable to resolve the problem, feel free to contact the Kickbox email customer service who are 24*7 available to provide expert guidance.

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