How to Connect Gmail to Outlook


Sync Gmail with Outlook

Nowadays we are mostly connected with the help of devices such as computers or laptops alongwith the internet which is the must as most of the work is done with the help of emails and chats, etc. So as majorily Gmail is used as the personal and Outlook as the professional for mails so it is better to be professional and not mixing both the personal and professional life together. But now as both Gmail and Outlook are considered and used even as the professional email so it is better to link both of these as this will be time saving.

We can also maintain as per our use the mails in such a way that the mails can be kept as desired. As we have so many features in the email service of Gmail and Outlook that all the mails can be saved and shared as required.

Process for How to Connect Gmail to Outlook

  • Log into the Gmail website.
  • Click the Gear button and select “Settings”.
  • Click the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab.
  • Select the "Enable IMAP" option in the "IMAP Access" section.
  • Click on OK.

Connect Gmail to Outlook

In  case with the help of the above steps you are not able to sort the issue you are not able to connect Gmail to Outlook then you can contact the Gmail customer Helpline number which is available always just for the user to get all the solutions for the queries and   this will be of great help for the customers in solving their issue and as this is the free of cost number for them so they can call at any point in time.

If we try to do it by our self then we just need to type “ How to connect gmail to outlook” and you will et number of solutions the best can be used and apart from the above one there will be many solutions. The above mentioned one is very simple and easy to understand for anyone as it is written in the simple language.

Gmail Customer Service

Before we go ahead with connecting both the Gmail and Outlook we should save the data in a file so that while transferring or doing anything else we atleast have the data secured with us in case the data gets crashed or lost while transferring. If you still face any problem for How to Connect Gmail to Outlook dial Gmail Customer Service Phone Number and get quick solution.

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