Google Account Recovery Date of Birth


Get Complete Information on How to Recover Google Account Using the Date of Birth

In the past few years, technology has incredibly advanced itself and has offered users with some of the finest products with services. Back in time, Google simply offered users with the basic email facility, but now they offer multiple services and products to help out the users to perform the routine tasks and gain access to their devices.

Indeed, services offered by the Google are the finest, but to access the services, it requires that the users have an active Google account to utilize Google products. And with such great importance of the account, Google has ensured to offer users the best security features to ensure the security of the account. Still, some users might fail to ensure the security of the account and fail to access it. Luckily, by using Google account recovery date of birth one can easily regain access to their account without any worries.

About Google Recovery Using Date of Birth

Well, there are times when users might fail to access their Google account because of the forgotten or lost password issue. So, in such cases, the user can opt for Google account recovery with date of birth feature that allows the user to gain back access to their account.

For the users who are not aware of the date of birth linked to the Google account works like a security feature that one can opt at the time of recovery to gain back access to their account. Besides, Google offers its users multiple recovery options apart from the date of birth recovery option that one will get to know after reading the complete article.

Details of Google Account Recovery Using Date of Birth Option

This recovery option proves beneficial for the users who no longer have access to any of the recovery options. So, one can use Google account recovery using date of birth as their last resort.

For regaining access to the Google accounts, the user is required to launch the Sign-in page of Google and follow the provided set of instructions:

  • Enter the username for the Google account and click on the Next tab.
  • Now, click on the Forgot password link to redirect to the account recovery page.
  • Then, again mention the username, email, or phone linked to the Google account and proceed.
  • Further, the user will be offered multiple recovery options that they need to skip once they find the date of birth option.
  • After that, the user is required to provide their date of birth details and proceed with account verification.
  • And once the account is verified, the user can reset the password of their accounts and click on the Save tab.

Hence, with this, the user can successfully complete the Google account recovery date of birth process. However, if the user fails with the process, they can feel free to seek assistance from Google support for the recovery of the Google account.

Recovering Google Account Without Date of Birth Option

The process to recover a Google account is quite simple, but what happens when the user has no access to Google account recovery date of birth option and still wishes to perform recovery for their account. In such cases, the user can opt for the steps mentioned below to reset their accounts passwords and regain access to their account.

Note: For the quick recovery of their Google account it is recommended that the user follow the instructions provided in the article.

  • Launch the account recovery page of Google to initiate the recovery process.
  • Now, enter the phone or email id user for accessing the Google services.
  • After that, the user will be prompted to enter the last account password for their account to verify the account.
  • In case, if the user fails to offer the last password, they can click on the Another way option
  • Then, the user will be offered a notification on the linked phone to verify their identity.
  • Besides, if the user still fails to verify their identity, when the user can request for a verification code on the linked email or phone number.
  • Further, by using any of the provided recovery options, the user can verify their identity and reset their account password.

And in this way, the user can resolve their issues to perform recovery without the Google account recovery date of birth feature.

Hence, this is the complete information on how one can regain access to the Google account using the date of birth feature. So, next time the user fails to access their account, they can follow the steps provided and access uninterrupted Google services.

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